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Thambirajah’s book on energetics in acupuncture and others describe how energy balance can be achieved through clever needle technique. Traditional acupuncture was developed in China about 5000 years ago.
It is a comprehensive system of:

  • Examination
  • Diagnosis and
  • Treatment

Acupuncture is a medical science that not only does excellent work to maintain health (prevention) but is also justified in almost all illnesses. Energetic acupuncture plays an important role here. In TCM, not only symptomatic but also causal treatment is applied and attempts to bring the accumulated Qi back into motion through energetics and to release blockages. For this not only the patient is asked about his complaints, but also by means of pulse and tongue diagnostics, as well as by face diagnosis an overall picture of the patient is formed. With Radloff’s ear palpation, the therapy of the meridians and functional circles is carried out according to energetic rules. The main focus here is on the energetic balance and how this can be restored.

different therapies

This completely new approach replaces the usual treatment scheme of working according to point recipes. Meridian therapy is replaced by the individual constitutional approach. Thus the acupuncturist has a new therapy and diagnosis system at his disposal, which is not yet finished by his constant development. Radha Thambijarah’s book Energetics in Acupuncture makes a valuable contribution to the effect of energetic acupuncture. She explains energetic connections in a vivid way, which makes it easier to successfully diagnose and treat acupuncture and other therapeutic methods of TCM. It reveals the causes of unsuccessful acupuncture and explains why certain acupuncture points are used. The book by Banis explains the method of psychosomatic energetics to the therapist. This new biological diagnosis and therapy method describes in understandable language the development of the method, the Reba test device and its different test possibilities. This is explained on the basis of typical and practice-oriented patient cases and thus the logical connection between vegetative malcontrol and the disease symptoms is clarified.
Also useful hints for holistic therapy and newly developed emotional remedies are descriptively described.