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Shang Han Lun – the oldest treatise in medical history

The Shang Han Lun, a treatise on cold diseases, is considered the oldest treatise in medical history. Unfortunately, only the TCM books by Mitchel and Young are available.
Shang Han Lun: 6 important basic formulations, structure and use by Wortman and Simon.

Shan Han Lun: The main therapy for almost 200 years

Shang Han Lun for cold illnesses by Mitchell and Wiseman show that Shang Han Lun is the main therapy for almost 200 years. Its author Zhang Zhong Jing is also called the Chinese Hippocrates and represents the depth and breadth of his contribution to traditional Chinese herbal medicine. This edition contains the Chinese texts, the Pinyin translation and an English translation of the entire Song Dynasty. The contents and texts were mainly used in Asia.

Comments – Enhancement of clinical applicability

As with Chinese language editions, it is full of annotations and comments. The notes describe the clinical symptoms that Zhang Zhong Jing has associated with Chinese idioms. For example, modern interpretations often describe a moderate pulse with the speed of the beat. The same description, when used in Shang Han Lun, refers to a pulse that is gentle and harmonious. Such remarks provide the practitioner with clinical observations which are important to understand the information as best as possible.

Comments – Enabling an Easy Start

The notes expand the clinical applicability of the text, through the theoretical and practical reasoning found behind the lines of text. The comments in this issue serve exactly the same purpose of maximizing their usefulness. The appendices are written for those who are studying Chinese to give them an easy introduction. The only book in German is by Huang Huang and Andreas Kalg, the classic recipes. Recipes are assigned here on the basis of the constitution types.