Acupuncture for children

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How to treat children with acupuncture

Acupuncture for children is something different. Child acupuncture does not have to hurt. There are not many books on acupuncture for children and adolescents. However, there are, are recommended. Julian Scott is one of the best known authors of child acupuncture. In our video center we have some videos for the treatment of children by Julian Scott and Steven Birch. To treat children with acupuncture or Chinese medicine, you need special knowledge. The book Acupuncture in Children by Loo explains everything you need to know about the use of acupuncture in small patients: the development of the child according to TCM criteria, the diagnosis from the Western point of view and according to TCM and how to protect children from the needles takes.

Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow combine in the book Acupuncture in Paediatrics (formerly Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children) clinical access to the main indication with the individual understanding of disorders, as seen in Chinese medicine. This book covers all important areas of paediatrics such as: tonsillitis, febrile seizures, hay fever and developmental disorders.
The authors Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow provide a brief introduction to the understanding of disease from the perspective of Chinese pediatrics. They vividly show the clinical indications, differentiate the Chinese syndromes, name clear point combinations and provide a prognosis for the course of treatment. A practical food table, as well as a point index complete the book of the children’s and adolescent very well. In our videocenter there are some videos of Julian Scott which show how to treat children perfectly with acupuncture.