Gua Sha / scraping method

Gua Sha-books and videos - the scraping method and its effects

With the Gua Sha scraper method, with a rounded edge of a porcelain spoon, a coin or a jade scraper several times over an area of ​​the skin – very circulation-promoting!
In China, there are various massage and excretory techniques, including Gua Sha, translated means “gua” cockroaches and “sha” redness and describes the therapy short and concise. This therapy is a scraping massage and can excrete toxins from the body. The treatment lasts about 20-30 min. In the beginning, the skin is massaged with oil and the therapist starts with the scraping technique. This promotes blood circulation and opens the superficial blood vessels. The redness of the skin is desirable in this form of treatment and indicates the congestion in the respective area. The darker and larger the areas, the deeper the pathogens are. Gua Sha is very effective in muscle tension and neck pain, but it can also be used for respiratory and urological disorders. In China, this method is used not only in the clinic or by the therapist but also as a home remedy for the common people. Despite the raw method, Gua Sha has a very relaxing effect and is very effective. It also very well stimulates the metabolism, excretes toxins through the skin and stimulates the self-healing powers. However, a few contraindications should be noted: the use of Marcumar or heparin, as well as for malignant and acute diseases, pregnancy and severe connective tissue weakness, the scraping method should not apply. In principle, all areas on the back can be scraped and the spinous processes and bony structures of the shoulder and head should be adjusted accordingly. The resulting hematomas usually fade after 2-3 days, thus indicating the process of metabolic processes. The classical cupping massage also shows similar effects as the Chinese doctor’s method, but the treatment of the bony structures is a bit more difficult here than with the TCM scraper. Read all you need to know about the scraping method in the book of A. Nielsen, called Gua sha or see her video. Many interesting books and videos can be found on our homepage!