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The Yellow Emperor - classic of Chinese medicine

The Yellow Emperor – the oldest written source text of TCM

The book by Maoshin Ni, The Yellow Emperor, explains all diagnostic and therapeutic questions about health maintenance, disease and healing and is most likely found in every TCM practice. One of the TCM classics, the Jin Gui Yao Lue, recently came out in an English-language version by Wiseman and Wilms. The legendary Yellow Emperor Huang Di is said to have gathered all the knowledge. All important questions concerning physical, psychological, diagnostic and therapeutic questions are dealt with in great detail. These are related to the maintenance of health, illness and healing of the human being.

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Maoshing, successful author and acupuncturist has created for me this book a basic work of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient Classics of Chinese Medicine of Innocence shows that the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen and Nan Jing mark the literary beginnings of the two-thousand-year history of Chinese medicine. They reflect the effort to create a healing art that relies solely on a secular law of nature. Human existence is therefore dependent on natural processes.

The Thinking of the World View

Man is not at the mercy of gods, ancestral spirits and demons. Existential self-determination can be gained by following the laws of nature recognizable in the yin-yang and five-phase teachings. Thus, the thinking expressed in these writings corresponds to the world view that gave rise to the European natural sciences in the eastern Mediterranean. The analytical natural science of Europe found its opposite pole in the relationist natural science of China.

An Insight into Ancient Thought and Argumentation System

While Su Wen turns out to be a very heterogeneous compilation, loosely linked by the unknown editors, of writings by a multitude of individual authors, some of which are only noteworthy, Nan Jing is a logically structured homogeneous work with a clearly recognizable objective.