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Books on Japanese Acupuncture and Kampo Medicine

Japanese medicine has developed parallel to Chinese or Korean medicine. It is sometimes based on similar principles as the other Asian forms of medicine, but has also retained its own independence.

Shonishin – Acupuncture for children

One of these own acupuncture methods is the gentle acupuncture form, called Shonishin, in which the acupuncture points are not pricked, but only treated with a kind of pen. This form of acupuncture is ideal for babies, children and anyone who is afraid of the acupuncture needle stinging.

Books on Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine

Here you will find books and videos on Japanese medicine. These include Japanese Kampo (herbal medicine) as well as Japanese acupuncture, of which there are different acupuncture styles. We have a wide selection of books and videos on Japanese acupuncture, such as Clinical Strategies by Kiiko Matsumoto and David Euler or books on Hara diagnosis by Stephen Birch. On the subject of Shiatsu we have some beautiful titles by Mrs. Kalbantner-Wernicke or the Shonishin book by Mr. Wernicke.



Japanese Skull Acupuncture

Japanese skull acupuncture according to Yamamoto (YNSA) is also an important component of Asian medicine and is widely used in German-speaking countries. This is partly due to the fact that the Yamamoto style is offered in numerous courses in Germany. This is why Yamamoto’s Skull Acupuncture Book has been available in German for many years. On the other hand the skull acupuncture is used with numerous neurological complaints, dementia among other things. These diseases are on the increase and therefore the use of skull acupuncture, which shows good results, is also on the rise. In skull acupuncture, the individual acupuncture points are not so important. Rather one pricks into certain areas on the head. In our shop we were able to talk to some therapists who were able to tell us about extraordinarily good results with their patients.

Books about Japanese Kampo Medicine

There is a name to know about Japanese medicine and especially about Japanese herbal medicine: Dr. Keisetsu Otsuka. Dr. Otsuka’s book is the international standard on Kampo medicine. Unfortunately, this is the only one of his books that has been reprinted and our recommendation for all therapists of Kampo medicine.