Videos on Chinese medicines and formulations

Background knowledge about Chinese herbs

Which herbs are used in TCM treatment how? Which formulations are available and which herbs may not be combined. Here you will find videos on this topic.

Chinese medicines are an important element of Chinese medicine. For therapists, knowledge about the properties and modes of action of herbs is just as important as their effects when used in combination with several drugs. Some videos also show what is important for the production of TCM formulations and how the formulas are structured. This knowledge helps the TCM therapist to adapt the TCM formula to the individual symptoms of the patient.

You will also find videos of reports on the use of the various TCM herbs and their combination into TCM formulations. These TCM videos are not only for herbal specialists. Among other things, important TCM formulas for acupuncturists, i.e. therapists who do not work so much with herbs, are presented.

In addition to videos about the production (Pao zhi) of Chinese and Western medicines, you will also find videos about the use of medicinal herbs for certain complaints.

You can treat acute and chronic diseases and choose and combine from a wide range of suitable formulations. There are no significant restrictions in the applicability of herbal medicine. Here are just a few areas of application:

  • internal diseases like stomach and intestinal diseases
  • skin diseases
  • childhood illnesses
  • infections
  • respiratory illnesses

Another important topic in connection with Chinese medicines is drug safety. Here too we have lectures by leading TCM experts.