Acupuncture in practice

Books for the acupuncture practice

Books about practical cases

The practice of acupuncture is the focus here. These are books by Maciocia, Praxis der chinesischen Medizin and others with case studies, as practice cases showing how to use acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Giovanni Maciocia’s book “The Practice of Chinese Medicine” describes the use of TCM for more than 48 diseases. Multiple case studies deepen the knowledge. Memorable graphics, tables and illustrations facilitate the understanding of diagnosis and therapy. Each chapter contains:

  • Aetiology and Pathology
  • Differential Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Selection of treatments with acupuncture and herbs with explanations
  • Summary of the Western Differential Diagnosis
  • Discussion about forecast
  • Prevention and review of modern Chinese literature

In “Practice Acupressure” Mildt discusses different grip techniques and point descriptions. The main focus is on the guiding lines and indications. The page structure is clearly structured, so that the point representations can be grasped at a glance. These include the name, effect, localization and combination. The clear presentation of the treatment of the most frequent indications proves to be particularly practical for everyday practice.

Guide to practice acupuncture

The Eye Acupuncture Book by Wutta and Brucker, theory and practice was compiled for the effective treatment of eye diseases. The ECIWO acupuncture method is the focus of this book, whereas classical traditional Chinese medicine plays a subordinate role. In this book you will find short descriptions of the most common eye ailments and basic theoretical information on all acupuncture systems listed here for the improvement of eye ailments as well as instructions for practice.
The authors Stefan Englert and Simon Becker explain in the newly revised textbook the practice of Chinese medicine from the beginning until today. From the point of view of the clinical clinical picture of the patient, they show the individual diagnostic and therapeutic steps up to the therapy with acupuncture, medication therapy, dietetics as well as the self-help of the patient. The practice of Chinese medicine is divided into basics, indications, recipes and materia medica. Englert and Becker are experienced TCM therapists and authors. This experience is particularly evident in the comments on prescriptions and drug monographs.