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Books and DVDs on Qigong Forms

This is how the classification of the Qigong forms takes place

Books about Qigong forms are classified according to their origin and application. Exercises of Taoism/Buddhism, lifestyle, martial arts and medical Qigong. The 15 expressions of the Taiji Qigong of Guorui show besides acupuncture and drug therapy that Qigong is an important branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The therapeutic effect of Qigong exercises can be characterized as follows: The physiological processes of the body are regulated and strengthened by very specific postures or movements, by different methods of breathing and by mental exercises.
How long has Qi-Gong existed?

The long tradition of Qigong can be traced back to before our time. The book is designed for practice and describes in detail the 15 forms of expression of “Taiji Qigong”. These exercises were compiled by Prof. Jiao Guorui from historical sources and supplemented and further developed in more than three decades of clinical practice. In the exercise descriptions, very precise instructions for postures, movement sequences and imagination exercises are given, demonstrated by numerous illustrations, and ways are shown for the deepening and refinement of the individual exercises. The most important principles of Qigong, which are also valid for all other exercises, are explained. For readers with knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, hints are given on indication focuses and relationships of the exercises to meridians and functional circles. A poster is also available for this book.

The way to energy generation

More energy through Shaolin QiGong by Egger, Zwick, Shi Yong Chuan and Knoll shows what Shaolin monks and western people have in common: long sitting and concentrated mental work. Therefore, people in the West can also benefit from the monks’ ancient knowledge of how energy is built up, the circulation is stimulated and more oxygen can get into the body. The path to energy gain leads mainly through the transformation of muscles, tendons and ligaments with the help of physical exercises, which are presented in this book in the form of drawings and easy to understand instructions.

Stress reduction and performance enhancement

The gratifying results are stress reduction and improved performance. The 1500 years old knowledge from the Shaolin temple was kept secret for a long time and passed on exclusively behind monastery walls. Only a few years ago did the abbots of the Shaolin Temple share their traditional wisdom with the West. Robert Egger was given an official power of attorney by Abbot Shi Yong Xin of the Shaolin Temple and authorized by Abbot Shi Yong Chuan as the only official representative of the Shaolin Temple to teach Shaolin Qi Gong in Austria and to pass the knowledge on to you here. Books about other forms of Qigong can be found here.