Internal diseases

Internal diseases and their treatment with TCM

Specialized books on internal diseases with TCM, such as colitis and Crohn’s disease, hematology, arthritis, tinnitus, gastritis, lung and heart diseases such as Maclean’s Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine.
The Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine in the TCM, Volume 2 by Maclean and Lyttleton was designed as a practical and quick reference work for the practice. Here, the traditional Chinese patterns are recorded and presented in a precise as well as easily accessible form. With strict respect for their historical and traditional roots, the treatment and treatment guidelines are presented – along with modern aetiological factors, specialist medical terminology and other relevant lifestyle details that can influence the successful therapeutic outcome. The authors have many years of clinical practice and have created a comprehensive reference work in this book in which the relevant pathology can be found quickly. The acupuncture guidelines are presented clearly and the formulas with their numerous modifications give the practitioner an invaluable aid in the complex task of diagnosing and formulating the right therapy. Volume 2 covers about 950 pages and 33 chapters dealing with diseases of the spleen and stomach. Content includes: abdominal distension, abdominal pain, acid reflux and heartburn, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, dysphagia, epigastric pain, gingivitis, hematemesis, hemorrhoids, halitosis, oral ulcer, hiccups, nausea and vomiting, rectal prolapse, dental abscesses, etc. For each of these diseases, the corresponding patterns of Traditional Chinese Medicine are presented in great detail and precision. In total, more than 120 disease patterns are discussed in detail – from pathophysiology to clinical features to the therapeutic principle and treatment with herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion and dietetics. Numerous illustrations, diagrams and tables, as well as a detailed index complete the text. This book is an indispensable reference book for the treatment of internal diseases with TCM and should be on the desk of every practitioner and student of Chinese medicine.