TCM nutrition for patients

Books on TCM nutrition for patients

Nutrition: The therapy for your well-being

Here you will find numerous tips for a healthy diet. The recipes are easy to cook and the food is available at many of our markets. There are a few principles to the nutrition after the Chinese medicine, which one must consider. If you follow these, you can use the diet as a therapy for more well-being.

The central role of nutrition issues

Here you will find corresponding book recommendations on nutrition according to Chinese medicine: Pascale Anja Barmet shows in women eat differently – Chinese nutrition theory for the strong sex clearly and entertainingly how women get their health under control with simple means without submitting to new constraints. Want to get rid of excess pounds? Stop smoking? Are you pregnant? Nutrition issues play a central role here! Now it’s time to get rid of wrong habits and to embark on new paths that will do you good.

An herb for every case

The women’s joy in experimenting with cooking proves to be an advantage. The book provides many practical tips, simple recipes and stimulating illustrations. An herb has grown against almost every typical female problem. Read which herbs and ingredients support you as a woman and how to integrate them tastily into your diet. This book will also tell you why women should eat chocolate and why they should.

A treat for everyone

Powerfrühstück II by Claudia Nichterl contains many tasty breakfast ideas. It makes sense to start the day with a wholesome breakfast so that the body has enough energy for the rest of the day. Depending on your personal preferences, breakfast can be small, sumptuous, sweet or salty. This book offers numerous recipes for every taste, no matter whether spicy or sweet, for early risers, late risers, sweet cats or meat tigers. Vegetarians, vegans and lactose intolerants will also find something here.

The right nutrition: a protective shield for small and big

Nichterl’s strong child shows how the immune system can be strengthened and protected against allergies. Constant snout, cough and itchy eyes are annoying – and don’t have to be! Many environmental influences burden the immune system of our children. Allergic reactions and intolerances increase. A balanced, natural diet strengthens the immune system and prevents allergies and diseases. The author shows how children – from birth to puberty – are naturally strengthened. With lots of tips, explanations and the best starter recipes, which also taste really good. You can find many more patient guides with other healing methods here!