Acupuncture point combinations

Books about acupuncture point combinations

Acupuncture point combination books, as described by Jeremy Ross on acupuncture point combinations and Shudo Denmei or Bernot, describe when the acupuncturist should rather address the cause and timing of the acupuncture energetic effect. The combination of different points has a stronger effect than individually needling the acupuncture points.
Jeremy Ross manages to solve the knot of confusion with his book. He provides detailed guidance on the principles and practice for developing point combinations in acupuncture. Ross shows you the right choice of points in your treatment of various diseases through his clearly understandable approach. The following points must be emphasized: -The theoretical principles underlying the creation of point combinations, e.g. Disease causes, energetic centers, personality types, point types, treatment according to the Five Elements and Extraordinary Meridians. The point combinations with the most important acupuncture points are presented clearly and succinctly and summarized in tables, which are suitable for the use in the clinical everyday life. Point combinations for the treatment of diseases of the following areas are listed: respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, digestive system, urogenital tract, male sexuality, obstetrics and gynecology, eyes, ears and face, skin and mental disorders. The detailed index allows quick access via the point, meridian or syndrome terms. This book is suitable for anyone who is learning acupuncture or already working in the field.