Pain management

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Akupunktur-Bücher zur Schmerztherapie

TCM titles on pain therapy and TCM, such as Sun Peilin, Treatment of pain, should be mentioned here.
The different acupuncture methods of pain therapy

Pain therapy can be treated with various acupuncture methods

The Master Tung form is a very effective form of treatment. The variant with the balance method is often used for pain patients. Trigger point therapy is also well suited. Trigger points are areas in the muscle that can be resolved by needling or manual therapy. Depending on the pain, Chinese skull acupuncture can also help, as can Yamamotos Japanese skull acupuncture.


Diagnosing and treating symptoms correctly

Especially at the current TCM congresses, the treatment of pain is often an issue. Whether headache or migraine, back pain or pain in the jaw area. There are numerous symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. At the congresses, experienced therapists show how to diagnose and treat pain. By the way: With our videos you can watch the first five minutes free of charge everywhere. Further examples can also be found in our therapist blog. Therapists will find a huge selection of national and international books and videos on pain treatment.