TCM guide for patients

Guidebooks for patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Advantages of Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is known for its effective methods. More and more patients go to a TCM therapist with different complaints. The advantage of Chinese medicine is that, in contrast to Western medicine, one brings the body into its natural balance without side effects.

The human being as a whole

This worldwide used and for thousands of years proven system is a combination of acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, exercise / relaxation. The TCM therapist considers the patient as a whole and not just the individual complaint or symptom.

The different forms of diagnosis of TCM

There are various forms of diagnosis with the help of which the TCM doctor or alternative practitioner gets to the bottom of possible blockades and determines the TCM treatment.

You can read how TCM works and which complaints it is an ideal form of treatment for in Andreas Noll’s TCM guidebook.

Guide – A reference book for patients

Other TCM guides focus on the treatment of Hashimoto, digestive disorders, endometriosis or the desire to have children. However, the patient can also do many things himself. For travel sickness, headaches and migraines, acupressure, the massage of acupuncture points, for example, can help.

So you can easily improve your well-being!

With a slight adjustment of the diet and the 5-elements diet you can improve your well-being and prevent diseases. Let yourself be seduced into the world of Chinese medicine. It will do you good.