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Novels on Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient China

Novels about TCM

Novels about Chinese medicine and about the original China bring the country and thinking of the Chinese closer.
The House of Harmony by Wood shows that over many generations the women of the Lee family have produced medicinal herbal medicine in Chinese tradition. Now Charlotte has taken over the company and continues the family way successfully. But suddenly the young businesswoman has to answer for the fact that three people allegedly died because of her products. While she has to face these terrible accusations, Charlotte suffers an accident in which she barely gets away with life. But now she wonders: was it really an accident? A great family saga between China and America, in which tension and fateful feelings are ingeniously linked. The Tao of the Dragon by Grosser shows us that in many Asian traditions the dragon is a symbol for:

  • Fearlessness
  • wisdom
  • faith
  • fortunateness
  • force

is standing.

TAO Guide

The book reveals how we can access our true self through these energies, each symbolized by a dragon. The author Dirk Grosser brings each of these dragons closer to you in a narrative episode and introduces you with the following words to those forces that are waiting in all of us to be allowed to awaken. The book is rounded off with a corresponding exercise, here you can connect with the energies of the dragons, manifest them in your life, flow with the Tao and breathe freedom, expanse and serenity. Through the Taoist art of living, the sinologist Martina Darga provides us with the most important texts of Taoism and summarizes them vividly. Through the two classics of Laozi and Zhuangzi and especially through the movement arts of Qigong and Tai Chi, Taoist wisdom and the art of living have become very well known in the West. Martina Darga shows that the actual diversity and depth of Taoist writings and practices, on the other hand, have remained completely unknown to us.