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Fertility treatment with Chinese medicine

Naturally get pregnant and increase his chances of having a child. Since the effect of TCM is very high in the case of unfulfilled desire for children, more and more patients and patients are finding themselves in the practice of Chinese medicine. Some TCM therapists have already specialized in infertility. Numerous influencing factors can lead to infertility. TCM knows the ways and means to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here, therapists will find books and, above all, videos from numerous TCM congresses that have dealt with the subject so far. Examples of treatment, exchange of experience and which Chinese or Western medicines or acupuncture points you use in fertility treatment can be found in this section. At the TCM congress in Rothenburg there is a pure infertility workshop where specialists talk about different experiences with acupuncture herbs and nutrition to treat male and female infertility. Perfect for every practitioner. Each video has a 5 minute trailer.