Electroacupuncture and Laseracupuncture

Books on laser acupuncture and laser therapy

Eletroacupuncture books and books on low-level laser acupuncture (LLLT) show the use of lasers and soft lasers in acupuncture. The new practice book Laser Acupuncture by Weber / Kreisel shows the application of laser acupuncture in practice. On the subject of laser acupuncture and electroacupuncture to full (EAV) you will find numerous books at naturmed: A laser is a device that is able to produce concentrated, directed light of a specific wavelength. The difference to natural light is, among other things, its very high energy density. As a result, acupuncture points and reflex zones can be influenced. These are closely related to energy channels, which are called meridians. If the energy in these lines flows in equilibrium, then the organism is healthy. An imbalance or blockage of energy in the meridians eventually leads to a disease that may become visible in a very different part of the body than in the place where the disorder exists. The laser can eliminate a stagnation of the energy flow, the acupuncture points are treated until an energy balance is restored. The duration of treatment depends on the degree of disturbance of the point. The electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV) refers to the millennia-old tradition of acupuncture. For Yin and Yang to be in balance, Qi must be able to flow freely in the meridians. If the Qi can not flow freely, it will cause disturbances and blockages. Thanks to the EAV, this balance can be restored. Dr. med. Voll has developed this method in the 1950s and can thus uncover the cause of the disease. Prescription drugs can also be precisely tested by the resonance test so that they can optimally contribute to the success of the treatment. In acupuncture also the so-called soft laser is used. The laser is high-energy, strongly concentrated light and stimulates the acupuncture points by means of light instead of needles. This creates a healing or regulatory stimulus so that the immune system can react optimally. The laser can also influence the biological exchange of information between the cells. This stimulates protein formation and accelerates wound healing. Blood vessels can regenerate. The laser is used primarily for pain, or joint problems and migraines, but also for very sensitive to pain patients and children, he is ideally suited. The earlier the treatment is started the more effective it will be. Of course, the laser and electroacupuncture also works in veterinary medicine.