Zhao Ji-ping | Wang Jun

Acupuncture and Moxibustion for Herpes Zoster

A clinical series

  • ISBN: 9787117128445
  • 2010, 89 pages


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Acumoxa therapy can treat herpes zoster by eliminating blisters and erythema and by preventing neuralgia.
This allows for shorter disease duration and no adverse side effects from treatment.
The chapters cover Western medical perspective, Chinese medical perspective, syndrome differentiation and treatment (acumoxa, tuina, related therapies, medicinals, and formulas), prognosis, preventive healthcare, clinical experiences from distinguished practitioners, selected passages from classical texts, modern research, references, and index.

Written by Prof. Zhao Ji-ping and Wang Jun Ph.D.
with contributions by Wang Yan-ping and Guo Sheng-nan.
Translated by Chen Run-hua and Wang Qing-lan
and edited by Jonathan Simon.