Skya Abbate

Acupuncture Strategies for Complex Patients

From Consultation to Treatment

  • ISBN: 9781848193802
  • 2018, 256 pages


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This Textbook takes an integrative approach, providing insightful recommendations relating to diagnosis and the construction of treatment plans. It shows how needling strategies are connected to rules of point selection, the point classification system, and nourishing the foundational energies of patients. Written by experienced acupuncturist Abbate, this advanced textbook provides strategies which support the foundational energy of a person, including their qi, blood, yin, yang and essence. Techniques such as bloodletting, gua sha and the eight extraordinary meridians are covered, and the book is supported by clear illustrations, chapter summary charts and template patient handouts. Ideal for use as a practical manual for practitioners of acupuncture, it is also useful as a student textbook.


Skya Abbate

Skya Abbate

Skya Abbate is a sociologist and doctor of Oriental Medicine and has written several books about acupuncture and palpation.

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