Peter E. Baldry

Acupuncture, Trigger Points, and Musculoskeletal Pain

3rd Edition

  • ISBN: 9780443066443
  • 1996, 136 pages


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The third edition of this highly successful book describes how musculoskeletal pain can be simply and effectively treated by acupuncture. It gives a comprehensive account of current knowledge concerning two very commonly occurring musculoskeletal pain disorders – the myofascial trigger poit pain syndrome and the fibromyalgia syndrome.
Myofascial trigger point pain syndrome is an all-to-common complaint. It often goes unrecognised or alternatively is passed off as trivial and ineffectively treated.
This third edition gives a wide-ranging review of current knowledge concerning it. The author, after having given a detailed account of the neurophysiology of pain in general, discusses at length the pathophysiology of myofascial trigger point nociceptive pain and the rationale for alleviating it by means of the acupuncture technique of superficially applied dry needle – evoked nerve stimulation at trigger point sites.
This book will be of interest to all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of pain including anaesthetists, rheumatologists, orthopaedic specialists, general physicians, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

New chapters to this edition:
Pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and diagnosis of the myofascial trigger point and fibromyalgia syndromes (Ch 7),
Concomitant myofascial pain and complex regional pain syndromes (Ch 8),
Neurophysiological pain – suppressing effects of acupuncture and TENS (Ch 9),
Treatment of myofascial trigger point pain and fibromyalgia syndromes (Ch 10),
Scientific evaluation of acupuncture’s ability to relieve nociceptive pain (Ch 11),
Each chapter has been thoroughly revised with fully updated references and includes all relevant clinical trial information.
Part 3 includes information on a wide range of topics such as migraine, lateral epidondylalgia, repetitive strain injury, whiplash injury and pelvic floor pain disorders.



Peter E. Baldry

Peter E. Baldry

Peter E. Baldry MB FRCP is Emeritus Consultant Physician and Postgraduate Clinical Tutor, Ashford Hospital, London, UK. Having made a special study of my myofascial pain over the past 20 years he is also the author of the widely selling book Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia Syndromes. He is a past…

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