Arthritis Relief

Chinese Qigong for Healing and Prevention

  • ISBN: 9781594390333
  • 2005, 183 pages


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Young or old, sedentary or athletic, it is likely that 1 out of 7 of us will be afflicted with Arthritis in our lifetime. Since healty joints are key to pain-free movement, rejuvenating them is vital to well-being. Although western medicine has made great progress in treating Arthritis, it has limited success in actually healing it, rather focusing more on reliving pain and inflammation.
Chinese medicine, over the last four thousand years, has developed many of its own methods to treat Arthritis, including Qigong exersices, acupuncture, massage, and herbal treatments. By doing Qigong exersices, you can effectively treat many types of Arthritis and rebuild the strength of your joints, wich is the root of complete healing.
This book introduces Qigong exersices that have been successfully used in China to treat Arthritis. It begins with general concepts of Qigong, a summary of Arthritis according to both western and eastern medicine, an explanation of how Qigong treats Arthritis, and finally gentle Qigong exersices you can use to help prevent, treat and heal Arthritis