Sen Feng-Chang

Blue Dragon, White Tiger

Verses for Refining the Golden Elixir

  • ISBN: 9781848191150
  • 2012, 112 pages


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This unusual tantric guide, written during the Tang dynasty, documents a sexual tantra that is thought to have been practiced by kings for several dynasties, before losing favor to a more ascetic approach to Taoism.
Written by Chang Sen Feng, translated by Shifu Hwang and Cheney Crow.
With Forewords by Master Zhongxian Wu and Glenn H. Mullin.
The author was last seen on the edge of a precipice, clasping the book to his chest, and proclaiming the sincerity of his practice this is said by the legends.
This unique book, translated in English for the first time, describes the methods of this sexual internal alchemy practice, pursued strictly for the spiritual advancement of the practitioner, and undertaken only once desire and attachment for a consort had been overcome.
The texts are cloaked in metaphors, the techniques and attendant virtues of the practice are presented in poetry and prose, with explanatory commentaries throughout.


Sen Feng-Chang

Sen Feng-Chang