Diagnosis and treatment of Respiratory System Diseases (DVD)

with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupunkture (DVD)

  • 2012, 2 DVDs, whole day


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


Respiratory disorders are exceedingly common and Chinese medicine has a long history of successfully treating many of them. In many cases, Chinese medicine can address the underlying causes of these disorders and prevent their recurrence, and successful treatment may also remove or reduce the need for reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, many of which have known side-effects.
This course aims to provide a deeper understanding and many practical strategies for the effective treatment of common respiratory disorders.
The course begins with a review of respiratory system anatomy and physiology from a biomedical perspective. This is followed by an in-depth look at the fundamental theories of Chinese medicine in relation to the Lung, fundamental treatment principles, subtle differentiation of commonly used herbs as well as discussion of herb-processing, and finally, effective herb-pairing. Next, an examination of theories, strategies and treatments from the Four Major Classics allows attendees to see where various ideas come from, and gives depth and meaning to their understanding. Lastly, specific respiratory disorders, their etiology, diagnosis, and treatment will be discussed.

TCM-Kongress Rothenburg 2012,
2 DVDs, englisch/ English.