Wang Jing | Weber-D.

Dui Yao – The Art of Formula Construction

A Modular System of Standard and Exotic Duì Yào

  • ISBN: 9780646506869
  • 2009, 249 pages


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Students and practitioners often find themselves puzzled by conflicting patters, chronic conditions, and half-treated or half-resolved conditions.
In this text, the formulas presented are based on traditional principles and categories. Drawing from their extensive practical experience in modern clinical settings, the authors present a modular system that allows layering the prescription to unravel difficult presentations. Information for watch of the guiding formulas includes English an PinYin name, source, keywords, ingredients, major therapeutic actions, biomedical actions, indications, key symptoms, differentiation, combinations, cautions and contraindications, dosage, and possible interactions.
There are 140 guiding formulas, 86 dui yao, and 15 specific single herb combinations that may be combined to modify and direct treatment of the core pattern.
There are four indexes: an English formula index and dui yao combination index and a Pin Yin formula index and dui yao combination index.
This book assumes the use of standardized granular extractions, which are convenient and well-received by patients, as well as offering reliability, measurement precision, and standardized strength.