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Introduction: Fertility in the sense of TCM – morning (video)

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This course is for the practitioner who is interested in acupuncture for fertility treatment but as yet has limited experience in this practice.
In this course we will discuss fertility treatment for both male and female sub-fertility and infertility. We will learn about menstrual phase treatment, the use of BBT charting (Basal Body Temperature) as a diagnostic tool, interpreting sperm analysis and determining appropriate treatment strategy, the importance of Bao Mai and Bao Luo, the use of Chong, Ren and Du Mai, and treatment for optimising fertility in the context of the underlying constitutional diagnosis.
Throughout this course we will address the emotional support that is such an important part of the benefit we can bring with acupuncture treatment, and we will discuss treatment strategies to incorporate the constitutional treatment with an emotional support emphasis.
Diet and Lifestyle advice is foundation within this course and there is a focus on how we can best help our patients to help themselves through educating them about their constitutional diagnosis. Fertility issues touch the deepest levels within us as human beings, and in our current culture of stresses and strains, of sub-nutritional food, of toxin exposure, Chinese medicine practitioners are ideally suited to help people to foster a more healthful attitude and environment for conceiving, birthing and raising healthy children.
This course is for practitioners who wish to feel more confident to address the growing numbers of people seeking the support and benefits that Chinese medicine brings to fertility.
Jani strongly advocates the importance of integrated training, particularly in the fields of assisted conception and in obstetric practice. Her ambition as a teacher is to foster a standard of education that best equips the practitioner to fully utilise the depth and wisdom of Chinese medicine within the context of the patient’s experience of their western treatment.
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J. White

J. White

Jani White runs a Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth practice in Oxford and London, UK. She teaches the Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Fertility modules of the Oxford Brookes University MA Acupuncture degree, she is the National Coordinator of the AFN, (Acupuncture Fertility Network), and she is also Chair of the Acupuncture Childbirth Team,…