Healing with the Herbs of Life

Hundreds of Herbal Remedies, Therapies & Preparations.

  • ISBN: 9781580911474
  • 2007, 436 pages


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This book is a synthesis of traditions of herbal medicine from the East and West.
It explores herbal fundamentals, discussing the nature of energetic herbalism and the energy of herbs, and listing more than a hundred pages of representative materia medica.
Causes of disease, the energy of illness, the process of healing, and treatment of specific conditions are discussed in a subsequent section.
Author Lesley Tierra then proceeds to a highly practical presentation of herbal therapeutics geared towards a range of medical conditions, offering readers hundreds of remedies, therapies, and preparations.
A handy book to have around when blending herbs and especially when crossing the categorical boundaries of different schools of herbalism, this book is a useful addition to any complete herbal library.
With a foreword by Michael Tierra Lac OMD.

Praise for Healing with the Herbs of Life:

Lesley Tierra’s newest book, Healing with the Herbs of Life, is a delightful blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, nutritional therapies, and material medica.
It is a comprehensive and easy-to-read reference written from the perspective of an experienced health care practitioner. A very nice addition to anyone’s herbal bookshelf.
— Roy Upton, Herbalist, executive director of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

I love Lesley Tierra. You see, most herbal books fall into one of two categories:
either simplistic superficial pablum or the cobra pit of mind numbing medical jargon. But not this book.
First: basic fundamentals, second: effective herbs, and third: disease specific treatments for self-healing.
And all are written with her razor-sharp, totally feminine mind. Get this book – it blossoms.
— Alan Keith Tillotson, author of The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook

Lesley Tierra’s Healing with the Herbs of Life is the closest thing I’ve seen to a classic herbal.
Her very special insight is combined with decades of experience in clinical practice.
This wonderfully readable book will help you learn to utilize the gentle yet powerful healing properties of herbs safely and effectively.
This is a practical yet inspiring compendium that takes healing with natural remedies to a new level.
— Christopher Hobbs, author of Herbal Remedies for Dummies

Lesley Tierra has graciously and generously distilled her decades of knowledge and experience into a new book that is both accessible and comprehensive.
An invaluable reference for the clinical practitioner’s office, it is also a reliable resource for anyone interested in improving their own health and quality of life.
— Aviva Romm, author of Naturally Healthy Babies and Children