Braun-L. | Cohen-M.

Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 1 + 2

An evidence-based guide

  • ISBN: 9780729553841
  • 4. ed. 2015, 1614 pages


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Both volumes contain the basics for the use of herbal and nutritional substances and dietary supplements.

Complementary medical modalities, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, aromatherapy and food as medicine
Patient safety and wellness

Considerations on preoperative care and pregnancy
Use in the treatment of cancer diseases
herbs/nutrients – drug interactions

Volume 1:

The first volume offers a basis for the knowledge in the daily work in a complementary medical practice. In this book you will find safe practices for preventing side effects, guidelines for assessing benefit, risk and harm. In addition, current research results are also communicated.
New in this volume:
Here you will find the latest research findings and their effects on herbal and natural medicine from top executives in the fields of pharmacy, herbal medicine and natural medicine.
Volume 2:

The second volume contains current, evidence-based monographs on the 132 most popular herbs, nutrients and dietary supplements. Each monograph is arranged alphabetically and contains the daily intake, the most important measures and indications, side effects, contraindications and precautions, safety during pregnancy and much more.
In this book you will find a very detailed overview of herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, aromatherapy and foods as medicines.