Introduction to Tung’s Acupuncture

edited by Steven Vasilakis LAc

  • ISBN: 9781467526845
  • 2013, 323 pages


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The Tung system of acupuncture has gained tremendous popularity worldwide due to it’s effectivess and ease of use. However, there is still limited information available regarding Master Tung’s reasoning for choosing points when treating.
Introduction to Tung’s acupuncture is essential to understanding how to locate and correctly choose Master Tung’s unique points based on five zang channel diagnosis.
In this monumental work, Dr. Wang reveals previously unpublished information regarding Master Tung’s five zang channel system and illustrates how he used this method by providing several of Master Tung’s medical cases.
This book also illustrates the use of facial and palmar diagnosis as well as a general method for choosing Master Tung’s points based on pulse diagnosis. Recommended for Tung style practitioners of all levels, as well as acupuncturists new to the Tung system.

Dr. Chuan-Min Wang, DC, LAc is a direct lineage disciple of Master Tung Ching-Chang and the director of the Illinois Chinese Tung Acupuncture Institute and founder of the Wang Acu-Chiropractic Clinic.