Jing Jin – Acupuncture treatment of the muscular system

using the Meridian Sinews

  • ISBN: 9780957739215
  • 2010, 166 pages


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The jingjin are a network of secondary meridians that form part of the meridian system of Chinese acupuncture.

The word jin is usually translated as sinew or muscle and does include the notion of both muscle and tendon. Variously translated as sinew channels, meridian sinews, muscle channel, muscle conduits, and tendino-muscular meridians, the jingjin theory has been included in the core traditional literature up to the present time. However, little diagnostic or clinical application is evident. This present volume takes a detailed look at the published material on the jingjin and explores the possible intentions of the earliest authors in light of contemporary knowledge. the original jingjin pathways are examined and a proposal for clarification of those pathways is detailed. Clinical applications based on the author’s extensive practice are presented.