Elisabeth Rochat de la Valleé

Jing Shen

A Translation of the Chinese Huainanzi Chapter 7

  • ISBN: 9781872468105
  • 2010, 136 pages


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Jing Shen is the title of the seventh chapter of the Huainanzi, a major Daoist text of the early Chinese Han dynasty.
Until recently it has remained relatively unrecognized and only partially translated. Long dismissed as merely a reiteration of earlier writings, its importance as a work in its own right and its role in Chinese intellectual history is only now beginning to be appreciated.
Chapter 7, Jing Shen – vital or embodied spirit – examines the origins of life and the integral place of human beings within the cosmos.
As a contemporary text to the Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic), it is of interest to practitioners of Chinese medicine as well as the more general reader.
A translation of Huainanzi Chapter 7 by Michelle Bromley, Deena Freeman, Alan Hext and Sandra Hill,
under the aegis of Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée.


Elisabeth Rochat de la Valleé

Elisabeth Rochat de la Valleé