Li Li-yun | Chen Zhi-qiang

Male & Female Infertility CPCM

The Clinical Practise of Chinese Medicine

  • ISBN: 9787117100243
  • 2008, 506 pages


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This book is an important component text in the series The clinical practice of chinese medicine.
Infertility is a condition that seriously impacts the quality of life for many families, and recent studies suggest that Chinese medicine may effectively increase conception rates.
The intention of this book is to offer complementary treatment approaches for both male and female infertility.
Most of the cases of infertility successfully treated in China do not rely on techniques such as in vitro fertilization, which are quite expensive and have only a modest rate of medicinal therapy, infertility can be effectively treated in most cases. An integrative approach to treatment can reduce pharmaceutical side effects, and also shorten the course of treatment.
Disorders associated with female infertility were first recorded in the Chinese medical literature as early as 2000 years ago.
By providing the time-honored clinical methods of Chinese traditional medicine, this text will undoubtedly benefit the reproductive health of many patients.


Chen Zhi-qiang

Chen Zhi-qiang