Managing Stress with Qigong

Forewords by Carole Bridge and Patrick Zentler-Munro

  • ISBN: 9781848190351
  • 2011, 256 pages


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The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong combines physical movement with gentle breathing techniques to promote harmony between body and mind.
This step-by-step guide helps to manage stress with Qigong by looking at stress and our response to it from both an Eastern and a Western perspective.
The depths of the book provides a program with a number of stress relief exercises, followed by gentle stress prevention exercises, all of which are clearly explained and fully illustrated. This book will help to reduce stress, decrease anxiety and restore energy, regardless of their level of ability or experience of Qigong.
It will also be a useful resource for Taijiquan and Qigong instructors, alternative therapists, and other professionals working with clients who are affected by stress.