Medicinal Mushrooms – A Clinical Guide

2nd Edition, Updated and Expanded

  • ISBN: 9780956689825
  • 2010, 128 pages


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This beautifully illustrated and fully referenced new book based on the latest research covers 17 of the most common medicinal mushrooms, focusing on their therapeutic application and cross referencing them according to clinical conditions.

The book is divided into four parts:

1. Introduction to medicinal mushrooms and mushroom products
2. Individual monographs on the therapeutic potential of the major medicinal mushrooms
3. Discussion of the use of medicinal mushrooms in cancer treatment
4. Survey of the clinical application of medicinal mushrooms for other clinical conditions

In addition there is a quick reference section with brief summaries of individual mushrooms’ main therapeutic application(s) and active constituents, and of the mushroom(s) commonly used for specific conditions with preferred dosage formats, as well as an appendix on the energetics of mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for those practitioners trained in this approach.