Si-tu Yi | Wang Xiao-yun

Menstrual Disorders I CPCM

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding & Amenorrhea

  • ISBN: 9787117088206
  • 2007, 401 pages


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Dysfunctional uterine bleeding and amenorrhea are commonly and frequently seen in gynecology.
All too often they adversely influence female health and quality of life and consequently have been studied and treated by Chinese physicians since ancient times, resulting in a vast wealth of practical clinical experience. Chinese physicians have learned to balance kidney yin and kidney yang, promote the kidney function, and reestablish yin-yang equilibrium of the kidney-heart-uterus axis, combining the periodic variation of the ovaries. The results are regulation of the endocrine system and restoration of normal menstrual function.
This work is a summary collection of clinical observation, diagnosis, treatment, and research outcomes for DUB and amenorrhea that will be most helpful to student and clinician alike.

Translated by Yang Guang-ning, Liu Lu.
Edited by Harry F. Lardner.


Wang Xiao-yun

Wang Xiao-yun