Metal Element and Metal Phase (video)

Cosmology and energetics

  • 2011, video, 60 min.

15,00 22,00 

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In this presentation Montakab talks about Metal Element and Metal Phase.
Montakab talks about the Five Elements and the Five moving forces Wu Xing. He explains how they are influencing each other and their correspondences. Montakab talks also about the Mu points and the 5 elements. You will find a lot of examples of the practice and good explanations of different pathologies. Also external influences are covered.
Montakab is a brilliant teacher and is able to transfer complex coherences of the human psyche in an structured order and their relation with Chinese concepts and simple to understand. He presents the treatment of Po. He will also talk about dreams and their pathologies. Then you get information on the dynamic and energetic of Lung points.

video, 60 min., engl.