Minibook of Oriental Medicine

3rd edition

  • ISBN: 9780979581168
  • 3rd ed. 2015, 406 pages


Delivery time: ca. 5 - 10 Tage/days


While the Handbook by the same author is an all-encompassing resource for academic purposes including teaching and exam preparation,
the lab-coat-pocket-size of the Minibook is ideal for clinical use, providing all crucial clinical references in a condense and concise format.
The Minibook includes the following essential information for quick clinical reference:
159 Eastern and Western diseases with associated TCM patterns and treatments,
comprehensive acupuncture chart including eastern and western indications with clinical notes for 361 points,
comprehensive chart for 381 single herbs and herb comparison charts in alphabetical order,
comprehensive chart for 261 herbal formulas and formauls comparison charts in alphabetical order,
biomedicine including diagnosis, diseases,
patient intake and top 300 drug list,
various treatment information including Korean medicine,
Tung style acupuncture,
complementary modalities,
cosmetic acupuncture and essential ICD-9 & CPT codes.
Coil binding.