Psoriasis – A practical Handbook

of treating Psoriasis with Chinese herbal medicine

  • ISBN: 9783000603150
  • 2018, 190 Seiten


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TREATING PSORIASIS WITH CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE – A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK is the first book in English solely focused on the treatment of psoriasis with Chinese herbal medicine. A hands-on guide, using illustrations, case histories and more than 100 color pictures, that can help TCM practitioners make precise diagnoses and immediately start treating patients suffering from psoriasis.
More in depth:
Psoriasis (bái bi) is a common and burdensome inflammatory skin disease. In the West, patients lack options in conventional medicine—treatments are unpleasant, cause side effects, or simply prove unsatisfactory. This book aims to explore Traditional Chinese Medicine’s perspective on this disease, and how it is categorized according to different patterns. The book explains in great detail how psoriasis is treated with Chinese herbal medicine, with both internal and external applications. Aspects of clinical experience are included to expand upon and bring to life the theory in this book. The reader will see more than 100 color pictures of the skin and a detailed tongue atlas at the back of the book, which is really important and helpful too – a picture is worth a thousand words, especially for practitioners who don’t see many skin cases. With a hands-on approach, many examples show how you can immediately start treating your patients in your TCM practice, and provide relief for your patients suffering from psoriasis.
“This fabulous book is the most comprehensive description of psoriasis treatment with Chinese medicine that I have ever seen. Detailed discussion of the pathology of the illness from both Chinese and Western points of view, traditional insights into the use of each herb backed up by modern bio-medical research, numerous case histories followed up by a larger case study concerning the very common psoriasis of the scalp, and all laid out in a clear and logical manner that is a pleasure to read. If you have patients with psoriasis, I strongly recommend that you buy this book.“ Steven Clavey