Ergil-M. C. | Ergil-K. V.

Pulse skills (DVD)


  • 2010, 2 DVDs, 240 min.


Delivery time: ca. 1 - 3 days


This course offers a concise and organized approach to conceptualizing and practicing pulse diagnosis that is based on the contemporary practice methods of China that derive from the pulse classic (Mai Jing), the Lakeside Masters Pulse Studies (Bin Hu Mai Xue), the work of Tietao Deng and other teachers. This approach uses an organized conceptual structure, training in correct finger positioning, correct palpation methodology, and an analytical method based on classical theory to make pulse diagnosis accessible to practitioners.
The course begins with a concise presentation of pulse fundamentals with particular emphasis on the clinical meaning of pulse images. This first section addresses practical concepts of pulse diagnosis, correct methods for learning and developing pulse skills, and the organization of pulse qualities into the tactile categories of depth, rate, arrival force, rhythm, and form. Basic principles of interpretation are discussed including the correct mapping of body regions onto the pulse.
The course then moves to practicum based instruction so that participants can learn correct methods of finger placement and palpation. A series of exercises with feedback from the course faculty will help participants build skills and learn to identify fundamental pulse images. As the course progresses teaching will alternate between hands-on practica and presentations on critical pulse concepts so that by the end of the course participants will leave with deepened insight into pulse diagnosis and greater confidence in their ability to use it.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2010,
2 DVDs, 240 min., englisch.


Ergil-K. V.

Ergil-K. V.

Ergil-M. C.

Ergil-M. C.