Qian Bo-xuan

Qian Bo-xuan Case Studies Gynecology

Masters of Chinese Medicine Series

  • 2001, 570 pages


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This text follows the tradition of studying the case histories of famous physicians.
Qian Bo-xuan was influenced by his father, a famous physician of the 19th century, to study from the classics. By age 16 he was already studying with an imperial physician.
By 22 he had opened his own clinic. Respected as a clinican he was also author of this text and Patterns and Treatment in Gynecology. He placed special emphasis on the importance of treating the spleen, liver and kidney by regulating the spleen and stomach and supplementing the liver and kideny.
The text covers Menstrual Disorders, Diseases in Pregnancy, Postpartum Diseasses, and Miscellaneous Gynecological Diseases through the presentation of case histories. Each case is documented visit by visit and includes the formula (including doses) and the number of times it was given before the next visit.
The book is very spacious and attractively designed with a sturdy hard cover and quality paper.


Qian Bo-xuan

Qian Bo-xuan