Tianjun Liu

The Key to the Qigong Meditation State

Rujing and Still Qigong

  • ISBN: 9781848192324
  • 2016, 240 pages


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Rujing and Still Qigong. Foreword by Master Zhongxian Wu.
Focusing on Rujing, the meditation state fundamental to Qigong meditation, this ground-breaking book looks at the practice from the perspective of psychology and cognitive science. It describes what happens in mind and body during meditation, and how to reach the state of Rujing.

Exploring classic Qigong meditation from the perspective of modern psychology, parapsychology and cognitive science, Dr. Tianjun Liu defines the mental state of still Qigong in new terms, identifying a specific mental state, Rujing. He examines the psychology of meditation, showing what happens, both mentally and physically, when a person is in a meditation state.
Dr Liu shows how the mastery of Rujing is a fundamental skill vital to the practice of Qigong, and presents a new type of Qigong exercise which takes the achievement of Rujing as its primary goal. His scientific approach to meditation is a breakthrough in this area and will be of interest to practitioners of Qigong and related practices at any level, in addition to anyone with an academic interest in meditation.


Tianjun Liu

Tianjun Liu