Larre-C. | Elisabeth Rochat de la Valleé

The Seven Emotions

Psychology and Health in Ancient China

  • ISBN: 9781872468082
  • 1996, 190 pages


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Transcribed from two London seminars, this text provides a new insight into the emotions and their pathology as presented in the texts of the Neijing Suwen and Lingshu, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic.
There is a general discussion of the classical Chinese concept of the emotions from the medical and Taoist classics, followed by an in-depth study of anger, nu, fear, kong, joy and elation, xi le, sadness, bei, grief, you, overthinking, si and fright, jing.
Part of the Chinese Medicine From The Classics series.


Elisabeth Rochat de la Valleé

Elisabeth Rochat de la Valleé