Flaws-B. | Wolfe-H.

The Successful Chinese Herbalist

How to Prescribe Correctly, Gain Patient Compliance, and ...

  • ISBN: 9781891845291
  • 2005, 205 pages


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This small volume represents the essence of two long-time practitioners’ knowledge about practicing Chinese herbal medicine in the West. From discussions of patient compliance when using bulk dispensed herbal medicine, to advice about how to stock and maintain a financially successful dispensary, to issues of dosing no matter what form of herbal medicine you choose to use, these are the tips that every practitioner should find helpful. This book is not a materia medica or a formulary text. Rather, in an easy to read, conversational style, Bob and Honora share with you what they have learned about everything else you need to know to practice this wonderful medicine with satisfaction and success.