The Way of the Five Seasons

Living with the Five Elements

  • ISBN: 9781848193017
  • 2016, 336 pages


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Living with the Five Elements for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Harmony.
This book by John Kirkwood offers an extensive as well as practical guide to using the Five Element theory in your daily life enabling you to improve your physical health and to achieve a more emotional balance. After an introduction to the philosophical and practical principles of the Five Elements you are encouraged to discover each Element during the seasons with a variety of methods including activities such as movement, cooking, gardening, journaling, visualisation, meditation and self-acupressure.
By this Kirkwood explains the three levels or expressions of human life – the physical (structures, organs, tissues and systems), the psycho-emotional (thoughts, beliefs, self-images, emotions and reactions), and the spirit.
The Way of the Five Seasons includes anatomical illustrations for further guidance. It is an important reference book for practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine who aim to become even better practitioners.

Here is a review by Dr. Ronald H. Davis, author of Qigong Through The Seasons:
The author blends ancient Five Element theory and the modern psycho-spiritual wisdom of the Diamond Approach into valuable advice for staying healthy during the seasons. He presents activities, diet and contemplations that enhance specific aspects of body/mind/spirit – what the author calls Soul – for each element.
This is a warm, insightful and excellent book for anyone who wants to enjoy good health by staying in harmony with seasonal changes.