Shudo Denmei

Treatment of depression / Behandlung des Geistes (Video)

  • 2010, video, 240 min.

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In my practice I find that many people experience depressive states. When people receive acupuncture invariably their mood brightens. Japan has a surplus of acupuncturists, so if more acupuncturists tackled depression, Japan will become a very happy country. This might sound like a dream, but I am convinced that acupuncture can treat depression. There are two indispensable requirements for my treatment of depression. The first is pattern differentiation. The second is to use super-rotation insertion. The first pertains to diagnosis and the second, to treatment.

TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2010
video, 240 min., japanisch/englisch


Shudo Denmei

Shudo Denmei

Shudo Denmei was born in 1932 in Ohita, Japan. As a child, he contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, but recovered through acupuncture and moxibustion. He then apprenticed with Miura Nagahiko (the acupuncturist who saved his life) and was trained in the Sawada style of acupuncture. He opened his own practice in 1959.