Shudo Denmei

Treatment of headache, dizziness and cervical syndrome (Video)

with different methods

  • 2010, video, 180 min.

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Denmei gives a lecture on treatment of headache, dizziness and neck pain on the TCM congress Rothenburg 2010. Shudo Denmei will speak and show in about 3 hours headache, dizziness neck problems with practical treatments. Japanese acupuncture can be very efficient for these kinds of diseases. He describes the conditions of these diseases. But first you need to do a western diagnosis. First he will start with dizziness disease. He will start with some typical symptoms, studied this statistics, collected patterns and evaluated the results. In this video you receive a lot of background information, symptoms, treatment principles and the therapy of dizziness. He demonstrates which points he uses to treat dizziness. Later on he shows the needling technique live in front of the audience. The treatment of dizziness is also very similar to the treatment with headaches. He shows the treatment after talking about the symptoms in the same detailed way. Later he will also show the treatment for shoulder and neck pains. Over 3 hours you will receive a detailed treatment of different diseases with Japanese Acupuncture.

video, 180 min., japanisch/englisch


Shudo Denmei

Shudo Denmei

Shudo Denmei was born in 1932 in Ohita, Japan. As a child, he contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, but recovered through acupuncture and moxibustion. He then apprenticed with Miura Nagahiko (the acupuncturist who saved his life) and was trained in the Sawada style of acupuncture. He opened his own practice in 1959.