Vanity Calamity

Your Guide to Cosmetic Acupuncture for Anti-Aging

  • ISBN: 9780578026299
  • 2009, 63 pages


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The Vanity Calamity is our obesession with how we look combined with our willingness and to do almost anything to achieve the desired look.
Our search for youth, vitality and beauty seems endless. So is the list of things that women have been willing to endure over time in the name of youth and beauty.
We have gladly gone under the knife, been suctioned, injected, chemically peeled, implanted, dyed, and more – to fill our need to look younger.
As a specialist in the field of Cosmetic Acupuncture I am continously amazed at the procedures that people are willing to have done to themselves if the technique promises a younger or more beautiful look.
(Martha Lucas)