Acupressure and Acupuncture during Birth

An Integrative Guide for Acupuncturists and Birth Professionals

  • ISBN: 9781848193581
  • 2019, 200 pages


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For acupuncturists and birth professionals, this book explains how yin yang and other principles of Chinese medicine can improve birth experiences as well as outcomes. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can shift and support the physical and emotional journey of birth and provide nonpharmacologic treatment approaches for commonly occurring disorders of labor such as malposition, asynclitism, slow cervical dilatation and inadequate contractions, as well as postpartum and post C section care.
Accessible and engaging, the book includes an overview of Chinese medicine for women’s health, information on what happens before, during and after birth from both a biomedical and Chinese medical perspective,and a toolkit of treatment strategies for birth work. The techniques described include acupressure, Tui Na Chinese medical bodywork, needling, auricular acupressure and electrostimulation.

Claudia Citkowitz is a Diector of Acupuncture Services at NYU Langone Hospital. She has taught acupuncture for birth internaionally for over ten years.




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