Juliette Aiyana

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Loss

New Edition

  • Publisher: Blue Poppy Press
  • ISBN: 9781891845611
  • Rev. ed. 2012, 163 pages


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Do your patients frequently ask you if Chinese medicine can help them lose weight?
With this information in this new book from Juliette Aiyana, you can definitively tell them yes!
This clever little volume combines the best of Western biochemical knowledge about weight and weight control along with everything Chinese medicine has to say about this subject. The book provides detailed information on healthy diet, weight loss, weight management, how to eat for more energy, better digestion, and all the other parameters of good health. Juliette Aiyana gives many case histories about how the Chinese use herbal medicine and acupuncture to assist in healthy weight management and a breakdown of the most common patterns of disharmony you will see in clinical practice.
The useful information in this book can help you help these patients who want and need to lose weight.
Help your patients lose weight and maintain a healthy weight without crazy fads or yo-yo diets.
Learn effective techniques for counseling patents about eating a healthy, nutritional and energetic diet.
Integrate Chinese medical nutritional therapy and Western nutritional science.
Blend NIH and TCM standards for the treatment of overweight and obesity.

Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. will take just about any opportunity to talk about food, to write about food, to teach about food, to study about food, to cook food, and, of course, to eat food. Her interest in using food as medicine was piqued in the early 1990’s after she healed herself of an ovarian cyst with dietary change.
Her extraordinary experience catapulted her career as a massage therapist into a practitioner of Chinese medicine who specializes in whole foods nutrition, acupuncture, and herbs in New York City. She is certified in the Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Nutrition through Yo San University, and as a teacher of Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition) Workshops for families and pregnant women. Her philosophy is that an empowered patient in self-care techniques and teaching natural health and nutrition seminars for the general public. Juliette Aiyana is a sought-after expert in whole foods nutrition, weight loss, and in women’s health and fertility. She is featured in major magazines such as Fitness, Kiwi, Natural Solutions, Martha Stewart, Acupuncture Today, Chinese Medicine Times, and for radio, T.V., webcasts and podcasts.



Juliette Aiyana

Juliette Aiyana

Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. wird so gut wie jede Gelegenheit nutzen, über Lebensmittel zu sprechen, über Lebensmittel zu schreiben, über Lebensmittel zu lehren, über Lebensmittel zu lernen, Lebensmittel zu kochen und natürlich Lebensmittel zu essen. Ihr Interesse an der Verwendung von Lebensmitteln als Medizin wurde Anfang der 90er Jahre geweckt,…