Acupuncture for Headaches, Eyes and ENT Pathologies

Acupuncture textbook

  • ISBN: 9780857014047
  • 2019, 320 pages


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ENT stands for eyes, nose and throat pathologies

Focusing on head energetics as the root of pathologies of the head, this book is the first to take the Classical Chinese perspective. Headache and allergy complaints make up a significant part of patient presentations, and Montakab offers a needed and refreshing perspective.
The author Hamid Montakab MD has been teaching and practicing as an acupuncturist for 45 years. He is also lecturer and teaches intenationally at postgraduate level. He lives in Saviese, Switzerland.

naturmed´s opinion: There are not many books about headaches, eyes and ears, nose and throats pathologies. Hamid is a high profiled expert and wrote a book that is easily to understand and useful to practitioners of all levels of acupuncture skills. The symptoms are well explained with great clarity. I would recommend this book to any TCM practitioner. 




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