Experiencing Acupuncture

Journeys od Body, Mind and Spirit for Patients and Practitioners

  • ISBN: 9781787752504
  • 2020, 176 pages


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Illuminating the considerations at play in determining courses of treatment in acupuncture, this honest depiction of nine accounts of unique cases shows how changes can happen, how the practitioner makes choices in the moment and why the patient’s collaboration and commitment are vital.

Hamwee shows how being attentive to all aspects of patients’ lives uncovers the conditions for healing, and how it affects the responses of both patients and practitioners in pursuit of health and wellbeing. It does not simply treat acupuncture as concepts and techniques, but rather as a remarkable journey of the body, mind and spirit. An honest depiction of nine accounts of real-life cases such as back pain, chronic fatigue, depression and irritable bowel syndrome, the book describes the experience of acupuncture through the eyes of both practitioners and patients.


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